About Halo Apothecary

Hand-poured, affordable luxury candles, made in England by me!

Hello, I'm Jennifer Angell, founder and creator of Halo Apothecary.

My passion for candles has been a life long journey. When I lived in Paris, I would go for long walks on Sundays and always end up at 34, boulevard St. Germain spending my money on candles. Between that boutique and Christian Tortu, it's a wonder how I had enough money to even buy a baguette! Flash forward 20 years and I'm proudly making my own candles in Berkshire. I simply adore making candles that fill a room with a beautiful fragrance!

Our Angel Collection is comprised of 220 gram candles that have a 50+ hour burn time. Each candle is hand poured into a white vessel and comes with a rose gold lid and fragrance card that tells the story of your selected fragrance. These candles are beautifully presented in a white gift box with rose gold accents.

Our Halo Collection is a 165 gram candle with a 35+ hour burn time. This collection is a smaller version of our Angel Collection offering all of our signature fragrances. It comes beautifully packaged in a golden box.

Our Apothecary Collection is a 150 gram candle with a 30+ hour burn time. This collection offers the same seven beautiful fragrances in an amber jar with lid.

Every candle is ethically produced.

Your home will rise to meet you once you light one of our candles! We offer seven Angels of Fragrance:

Spirit - Lime, Basil & Mandarin

Light - Sicilian Lemon & Mint

Pure - Red Rose Petals

Grace - Clary Sage & Coriander

Joy - Neroli Blossom

Ocean - Sea Salt & Sage

Golden - White Rose & Lemon Leaf

We hope you will enjoy having your home beautifully scented by Halo Apothecary affordable luxury candles!